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LED Reading Desk Lamp / Task Lighting


Green Power ( low energy consumption/ LED bulb)
Reading Lamp, utilizing LED technology.


  • 1Watt Cree®  XLamp® LED globe
  • Globe never needs to be replaced
  • Low voltage, low power usage = low heat output
  • Flexible lighting neck to adjust lighting angle
  • Usage: Reading light, night light and backdrop light
  • Slim, silver chrome finish
  • Light weight: 900grams
Environmentally friendly, Low power consumption                                                                          
  • This small slim line reading lamp uses a 1Watt Cree® Xlamp® LED globe. It uses less energy to run than traditional light globes. Consuming less energy to run it saves energy, money and the environment.

  • The 1Watt Cree® Xlamp® LED globe does not need to be replaced. Contains no mecury like fluorescent globes and reduces landfill.
Mulitple Uses, Safe                                                                                                                            
  • Reading lamp provides good focal lighting for reading, backdrop lighting, secondary lighting and a nightlight.

  • Reading lamp head has a thin clear rim that subtly lights up.
    Angle lamp head down, the light's rim acts as a convenient night light. Good for children.

  • The reading light runs at low voltage and thefore has a low heat output. The reading lamp will always be safe to touch no matter how long it is left on. Especially safe for children to use.

  • 1Watt Cree® Xlamp® globe will not break if lamp is knocked over.


Light in weight and with a silver chrome finish, this LED reading lamp is a great alternative to traditional halogen or fluorencent lighting.



  • 1 x Reading Lamp
  • 1 x power adapter

Sold Out
  • Model: LRS-1001
  • Manufactured by: Crest
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