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LED Task Lamps with detachable torch / flashlight


Task Lamp + Emergency Flashlight, utilizing LED technology





  • Lamp head converts into a detachable hand held torch. Good for emergency use
  • 2 levels of brightness
  • Swivel lamp head and flexible goose neck to adjust lighting angle
  • 1Watt Cree® Xlamp® LED globe
  • Low voltage. low power usage = low heat output
  • Envirnomentally friendly with low power usage
  • Globe never needs replacing
  • Usage: Reading light, backlight, nightlight
  • Light weight: 839grams
Lamp converts into a rechargable LED torch                                                                                      
  • This smart reading lamp operates as a standard reading light, but holds an unique feature. The lamp head converts into a hand held flash light. Easily detached by simply pulling off the lamp head. To reattach back into lamp mode simply click it back into place.
  • When in lamp mode, the torch is constantly being charged. Always know where a workable flash light is conveniently located in times of power blackouts and emergencies.
Envirnomentally friendly, Convenient, Safe                                                                                        
  • The reading lamp uses a 1Watt Cree® Xlamp® LED globe. It uses less energy to run than traditional globes/bulbs. It saves energy, money and the environment.

  • Cancel out the dangerous use of candles and fustration of finding where a torch is located with workable batteries.

  • Reading Lamp runs at a low voltage and therefore has a low heat output. Reading lamp is always safe to touch no matter how long it is left on. Especially safe for children to use.

  • Reading Lamp head can swivel to certain degrees and has a flexible good neck for flexible angle lighting.

  • Light switch is located on lamp head for convenience and not on lamp cord or base. Click once or twice for level of brightness and one more click to turn off.

  • 1Watt Cree® Xlamp® LED globe will never need replacing and will not break if knocked over

With a sleek modern look, this reading lamp is suitable for home/office use as a reading light, backdrop lighting or nightlight. With added benifits it provides as a good alternative to traditional lighting.

etronics 019a_1.JPG Included:
  • 1 x Reading Lamp with detachable torch / flashlight
  • 1 x power adapter






Sold Out
  • Model: LRS-1002
  • Manufactured by: Crest
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