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LED Washer - 01 - High Power


LED Wall Washers - Wall Lighting using LED technology.

Using LED Wall Washers, you will be able to achieve your desired architecural lighting effects.

The LED wall washers comprise of a combination of red, green and blue LEDs. With up to 256 shades achieved from each colour, an amazing 16 million different colours are able to be produced. Different lighting effects can be acheived using a DMX controller.

The housing is made of aluminum alloy, and as it is totally sealed. This makes it ideal for any outdoor lighting situation.

Technical Information: (High Power)

•Number of LEDs: Red=12, Green=12. Blue=12
•Colours: 16,000,000
•Beam angle:25 deg
•Light spacing:20m.
•Controlling system:DMX512 (Controller with RS-485 protocol).DMX address generated by digital coder (with LCD) on the rear side of the washer.
•Protection rating:IP65 (Water proof).
•Shell material:Aluminum alloy.
•Connecting mode:Standard signal cord (3-pin signal connector) and power cord.
•Dimensions: Length = 320mm Width=145mm Height=225mm
•Power consumption: 48 watt.

Colour Effects:

•Static display: Static display of 16,000,000 colours by mixing colours.
•Flashing change:Colours transition from high brightness to low brightness.
•Colour fade:Colours alternate
•Chasing change:Colours chase one another.
•Circulation function:Single colour circulates regularly.


**This item is Made to Order. Lead time approx. 4-6 weeks.
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  • Model: WASHER-01-HP
  • Manufactured by: Crest
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