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Rechargeable LED Candles - 12 pack


Led lighting: Rechargeable Battery Operated

LED Tea Light Candles
with Votives and Charging base Sold as a set: 1 set= 12 candles  

Commercial Quality LED Candles:
Currently being used in Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels,
Hair Salons and Churches

With flickering LED lights, they look just like real candles but without the dangerous open flame!

Enjoy the charm of flickering candlelight indoors or outdoors, without the worry about wind, fire, smoke, or messy wax.

Each frosted holder contains a tealight-sized LED light that flickers realistically for up to 12+ hours when fully charged, and never needs replacing. Each candle has their own in-built rechargeable battery.

Sold as a set: 1 set = 12 candles + 1 charging base



  • 12 rechargeable tea light candles with plastic votives and rechargable base.
  • In-built rechargeable battery ( NiMH )
  • 8 hours charge time, 12+ hour operation time.
  • One charging base, enable simultaneous charging of all 12 candles.
  • On / Off switch on each individual candle.
  • Real flame flickering effect.
  • Long life: LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of use
  • Safe operation.
    No hot wax / non-drip
    Free from Fire hazards

Rechargeable LED candles that look just like real candles!

  • Real Flickering Fire Effect
    Smart electronics to simulate the candle's flickering flame. Many other LED candles on the market only BLINK on / off.

  • In-built recharable NiMH battery.
    No need to purchase additional batteries.
    NiMH battery can have two to three times the capacity of an equivalent NiCd battery.

  • Recharging base station.
    Allows charging of all twelve candles simultaneously.

  • Safe Operation.
    No potentially dangerous open flame, or hot wax.


Avoid the worries of real candles with Rechargeable LED Candles!

  Decorate your windows, dinner table, or set the mood with the warm glow of rechargeable candles that will never blow out, burn out, create smoke or a fire hazard.
LED candle outdoor lighting
Enjoy the beautiful realistic candle light glow anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Environmently Friendly

Candles are an ideal way to add ambiance to a restaurant, bar, home or garden. Candles provide great mood lighting, encouraging a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere.

However, once wax candles burn out, they are thrown away and simply add to waste landfill. Just like automobiles burning gasoline, candles using liquid fuel strain the environment. Energy is consumed through processes used to generate the oil, and pollution is created as well. Burning candles also fill the air with smoke particles.

Rechargable LED candles are an environmently friendly solution.



  • 12x LED candles with incorporated rechargeable NiMH battery.
  • 12x Plastic Votives ( Height=10cm, diameter=4.5cm ).
  • 1x Recharger base station.
  • 1x Power Supply.

    (Qty discounts refer to per set)

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  • Model: LCS-1002
  • Manufactured by: Crest
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